About Us

Welcome to Fresh Coffee Store.

Robert Joyce - founder and blogger

Just a little background about me, Robert Joyce, and why I have started this business. In 2014 I was in a car accident, which had a big impact on my life. Whiplash resulted and this has left me with constant pain, every day and all day. This was difficult, as I could no longer do the work I once did. To make things even more dramatic it woke up an illness, which has been dormant for 10 years. The illness, Multiple Sclerosis (MS). 

In 2017 I had to stop all work and to help me recover I started a blog "A 30 Minute Life" where I shared my experience of living with MS and chronic pain. This has been fantastic for me and has led to me being an advocate for people living with illness. This has been great for personal fulfilment and I am achieving things I never imagined. Ranging from public speaking to helping the Irish health service to be more patient centred.

Unfortunately, I have limited capacity, due to pain and fatigue, and I have to get some income. I had considered placing ads on my blog or even to get it sponsored, but this would have changed the focus of the blog. It would not be patient centred, but commercial.

In my previous life I was a coffee distributor, and every day I enjoy a hot mug of coffee made from freshly ground beans. I had an idea which could help me get an income and keep the blog free. A shop selling coffee. My readers probably already drink coffee and it would be an easy switch to change where they buy their Java hit. 

This shop is the result and I have a quality product for my customers, FREE shipping, and the coffee is roasted, and ground (if this is what you choose) just before it is sent to you. You can have a double pleasure, very tasty coffee and the knowledge you are keeping a resource available for the 1 million people in the USA who live with MS every day.